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5 Worst Places To Hide Your Valuables

When it comes to protect small valuable items like money, ID and credit cards, raillery and even a spare key it’s wise to think like a burglar. To ensure that even in a break-ins your items are secure it’s important to avoid the most common mistakes and not to give in to ridicules hiding places that most homeowners use but are obviously not safe.


Leaving your valuable items in a drawer is not recommended and it’s recommended to consider other out of sight places. Even the most inexperienced burglars will begin their search in your drawers.

Fridge or Freezer

Contrary to what seen in movies using the refrigerator or freezer as hiding spots may not be as secure as you would think. Experienced burglars are well aware of these cliched hiding spots, so stashing your valuables items inside a frozen chicken is not a good idea.

Children’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms were once considered secure have now become main targets for burglars because nowadays kids have lots of gadget devices. It is advisable to avoid using this area as a hiding place for valuable items.

Under the Mattress or Bed

Stashing valuable items under your bed or under the mattress is quite naive. It wouldn’t take an big effort for burglars to locate them.

Toilet Tank

This hiding spot was once considered clever but lately because of movies it has become quite predictable. It would be wise to remove this option from your list!

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