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5 Worst Places To Hide Your Valuables

When it comes to protecting our homes it’s helpful to think like a burglar. To ensure the level of security against break-ins it’s important to avoid the typical hiding places that most homeowners use. Instead consider unpredictable hiding spots.

In this guide we’ll explore five locations you should avoid when storing your items:

Drawers: The Obvious First Choice

Relying on drawers is not recommended, it’s important to consider other hiding places too. Skilled burglars often prioritize searching in drawers, office cabinets or bedside tables when they break in.

Fridge or Freezer: The Hollywood Myth

Contrary to what seen in movies, using the refrigerator or freezer as hiding spots may not be as secure as you would think. Experienced burglars are well aware of these cliched hiding places so stashing your valuables behind a vegetable packet won’t offer protection.

Children's Bedroom: Not as Innocent as It Seems

Children’s bedrooms, which were once considered secure, have now become targets for burglars due to the abundance of gadget devices. It is advisable to avoid using this area as a hiding place for valuable items.

Under the Mattress or Bed: The Oldest Trick in the Book

Stashing items beneath the bed or mattress is quite naive don’t you think? But it wouldn’t take an effort or time for burglars to locate them. It’s about time we stop relying on those outdated tactics out of the movies, don’t you agree?

Toilet Tank: A Predictable Hideout

This hiding spot was once considered clever, but lately it has become quite predictable due to its portrayal in the media. It would be wise to remove this option from your list!

What are the Best Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home?

Having considered the places to avoid, let’s examine some safer and more secure alternatives:

A Trusted Safe

Consider opting for an immobile safe to safeguard your possessions from potential intruders. This extra measure of security adds a layer of protection.

Inside the Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a sneaky spot that can catch burglars off guard. Right inside a vacuum cleaner! Its ordinary looks make it the perfect choice, for hiding your belongings.

Disguised Wall Clock

Consider purchasing a wall clock that comes with a hidden compartment. The presence of clocks in your home can make it more challenging for burglars to carry out their task effectively.

False Bottomed Drawer

A drawer that cleverly conceals a hidden compartment blends effortlessly with your home decor providing an added level of security.

The Underutilized Loft

Your attic could be seen as a hidden place that burglars might not consider due, to its access and the time pressures they face.

Indy Lock and Doors: Your Partner in Security

Ensuring the safety of your items requires having brilliant hiding places. It’s important to stay one step a head of burglars! At Indy Lock and Doors we make your homes security our top priority. We are dedicated to offer a free valuable advice on how to keep your property safe. Contact us any time for more information about keeping your home safe – your security is our concern!

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