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Keeping Your Home Secure During The Cost-Of-Living Crisis

During these times when the cost of living is rising rapidly, it’s clear that everyone is dealing with great challenges. Homeowners in particular are feeling the burden of soaring expenses when it comes to keep their homes safe and secure. However there’s no need to worry because we have some uncomplicated solutions that will help you protect your house during the cold winter months. Take a look at this blog for tips on how to strengthening your home without straining your finances.

Pet Warning Signs

Signs that say “Beware Of” or “Warning” are really effective at scaring away burglars, who would try their best to not get in any trouble or to get caught, so they tend to avoid places with signs like “beware of dog.” , so for $5 you can make your property secure and discourage burglars from trying to break into your home.

Fake Burglar Alarms

You’ll often come across decoy alarms boxes on properties. These alarm boxes are strategically placed in locations to mimic ones but they’re actually empty shells meant to deter potential burglars. While seasoned burglars may be able to recognize these decoys many homeowners still consider them a valuable security measure for under $20.

Bells only alarm systems are a practical and affordable option too, especially suitable for homes in secure neighborhoods and homeowners who are mindful of their budget. When activated these alarms produce a siren noise intended to startle intruders and notify residents, neighbors and anyone nearby. These systems rely on the power of sound to deter unwanted visitors as they don’t have any monitoring or direct connection to the police. Instead they rely on homeowners, neighbors or passersby to report incidents to law enforcement authorities.

Join Your Local Neighborhood Watch

Getting involved in your neighborhood watch is akin to signing up for a security bulletin tailored to your area. It presents a chance to stay updated on safety matters within your community while simultaneously building connections with neighbors and law enforcement in person. These groups provide a platform for exchanging and deliberating on approaches to maintaining the safety and security of your community.

Connect with Social Media Groups

Stay connected, to your community by becoming a member of social media groups that focus on your area security and safety. These online communities provide a platform where you can share alerts and information about any Suspicious activities or suspects individuals in your vicinity. It’s similar to having a virtual neighborhood watch at your disposal enabling you to stay vigilant and respond promptly if anything appears out of the ordinary.

Fake CCTV Systems

Similar to how scarecrows deter birds the presence of CCTV systems can dissuade burglars from targeting your property. Although experienced thieves may be able to recognize the ruse, just the sight of CCTV cameras might make them think twice before approaching. To enhance this deterrent effect consider placing positioned signs that indicate the presence of CCTV surveillance.

Outdoor Lighting

Light up your areas around your house! Make sure there are no hiding spots for unwanted visitors!
Security lights can help deter burglars by creating an atmosphere while also ensuring that your property is well lit and visible to both neighbors and people passing by.

To be mindful of energy usage it's worth considering these three types of lighting options:


Make use of lights to tap into the energy of the sun. These friendly choices absorb the suns energy throughout the day. Utilize it to illuminate your property when night falls. Although their performance may be slightly affected during winter months with reduced sunlight, they provide a cost-effective lighting solution.


Turn your lighting into a smart system by installing motion sensor lights. These lights will only activate when they detect movement providing both energy efficiency and security from an unexpected encounter with an unwanted guest.


For an convenient lighting option consider choosing lights that are powered by batteries. These lights provide illumination without causing your energy expenses to skyrocket. Additionally if you don’t have any power outlets on the outside of your property, battery powered lights offer the best solution for your needs.

Keep Doors and Windows Securely Locked

As winter draws near it becomes tempting to turn up the heat and neglect windows and doors.. Remember, keeping your doors and windows locked serves a dual purpose, it ensures the security of your home while also helping to maintain an indoor temperature.

So don’t allow any drafts to sneak in or compromise your security – be sure to seal and lock all doors and windows securely.

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