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What Is An Electromagnetic Lock?

Step into the world of locks commonly referred to as ‘mag-locks’. These innovative devices, consisting of an electromagnet and an armature plate serve as your trusted partners in enhancing security. Whether you’re looking for an installation or need repairs we’ve got you covered! They prove beneficial, in businesses that prioritize top level security.

It is essential to understand the variations of locks. There are two types; “fail-safe” and “fail secure ” each offering functionalities. With our team of locksmiths in Aurora you can easily determine which one suits your needs.

“Fail-safe” locking devices are ideal during emergency situations. When power is cut off these locks automatically unlock, making them unsuitable for high security areas but perfect for emergency exits and fire safety doors. Your safety during emergencies is our concern.

On the hand “fail-secure” locking devices provide fortification. In the event of a power outage these locks remain securely locked making them perfect for high security applications such as safeguarding jewels, cash or important documents.

Our electromagnetic locks are built with durability in mind; some models can withstand forces up to 600 pounds or 1200 pounds dynamically. Thanks, to cost materials used in their construction they have become more affordable without compromising on quality.

They operate independently of doorknobs or levers and there’s a placed button, near the door that controls the power supply.

Our buttons are designed with timers so they unlock doors for either 15 or 30 seconds in compliance with fire codes and your personal preferences. You can also add security features like crash bars or motion sensors with a switch.

Ever since their introduction at the Montréal Forum, in 1969 electromagnetic locks have gained popularity worldwide. Today their demand remains high as they continue to provide security protection.

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