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You have found the most reliable 24 hour emergency locksmith in Indianapolis. The most awkward situations, like locking yourself out of your house or car, key breaking in the lock, ignition refusing to turn, and a host of many others, seem to happen at the most awkward hours. For this reason, we offer you a 24 hour emergency locksmith service. No matter the hour of the day, the moment you call, we move.

A locking problem at home, with your car, or at the office? We have well-equipped, licensed locksmiths trained to take care of your every lock issue without any form of damage.

Instead of just sitting around, worrying, or even trying to force open the car or the house door and causing damage in the process, try to be calm, and give us a call. We offer our services 24/7, 365 days a year. You can rest assured that no matter the time of day, we’ll show up, even if it’s Christmas.


Areas in which we render our services

1. 24-hour automotive locksmith services: we rescue drivers who have locked their car keys in their car, lost their car keys, or whose ignition keys refuse to turn. Key replacement and even key duplication, we do that too. We can help program your transponder to your car remotely and also replace it. Even programming your remote key fobs to your vehicles.

Anything that has to do with automotive lock and key is our specialty, just let us handle it for you, and you’ll be happy you left it to us.

2. 24-hour residential locksmith services: you just got back from a business trip, got to your doors, only to find out you don’t have your keys. You had an extra one, but you lost it just months ago; it’s 1 am and there’s nowhere to find help. You don’t need to worry too much if you’re in Indianapolis you need a knight in shining armor? We can be just that for you. In no time, you’ll be back inside your house enjoying that much-needed sleep. With no damage to the door or house structure

Or probably you’re building a new house or remodeling, and you need lock installations. We’re the right person for the job. In no time, we’ll have your home feeling safe and secured. We also help with security cameras and surveillance. After all, when it comes to security, there’s nothing like you’re doing too much.

3. 24-hour commercial locksmith services: as a commercial organization, you need to have the building secured, the safes secured, and locks installed in cabinets. You’re wondering who could help you with that? Look no further. We’re right here at your fingertips.

Or maybe a staff got locked out or locked in, even at ungodly hours, we are available. Or you need to install card access or key fob system, and even if it’s the maintenance of everything with a lock and key, we’re more than capable.

Residential Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith