Opening Safes

Customized Safe Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Indy Lock & Doors is the authority when it comes to opening and repair services in the Indianapolis metropolitan and nearby cities. Our skilled locksmiths are experienced in handling many different types of safes including those designed for firearms, jewelry and even safety deposit box locks. Whether you have a wall safe, floor safe or any other type of safe we have you covered. Rest assured that we will handle everything with much care necessary to ensure no harm is done to your belongings.

At Indy Lock & Doors our team of professionals provides an array of services to meet your security requirements. We are leaders in offering solutions such as bolt downs and gun safes made in America including delivery and installation. In addition we can handle any damages caused by attempted burglaries on your safe. Our expertise covers the installation of wall safes and floor safes allowing you to securely and conveniently store your items behind paintings or under rugs.

The Last-Resort: Safe Drilling

While safe drilling is usually a resort because of the potential, for harm here at Indy Lock & Doors we have the expertise to handle such emergencies. Our skilled technicians are capable of drilling safes without causing damage and ensuring an environment after the process thanks, to our state of the art diamond cutting tools.

Our team of safe experts is here to assist with any technical inquiries:

  • Essential Considerations when Selecting the Right Safe, for Your Needs

  • A Complete Handbook, on Safe Unlocking and Maintenance Services

  • Boost Your Security; The Advantages of Installing Wall and Floor Safes

  • Learn How to Keep Guns Secure; Explore Quality Gun Safes Made in America

  • Protecting Your Valuables; Maximizing Home Security Measures

At Indy Lock & Doors, safeguarding your valuable belongings is our priority. Our team of locksmiths is committed to providing top notch security solutions including flawless unlocking of safes, swift repairs and reliable safe installations. We offer these unique services to recover safely and promptly your valuable belongings. Whether you require residential or commercial safe related services, our capable team is ready to provide. Feel free to reach out to us today to discover more about our array of services. How we go above and beyond to meet your security needs.