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8 Reasons Why You Get Your Home Rekeyed

Did you ever wondered about the security of your home? Lock rekey might just be the solution you’re looking for. It’s a simple way to change keys without changing the entire locks and also to make sure they operate 100% perfect.

You’ve Recently Moved In

In the middle of all the chaos of moving into a new place it is commonly easy to forget about rekeying your locks but it is the most important thing to do.

Put Your Home Security A First Priority

The people who lived your new home before you might have given keys to their family members and close friends and It’s impossible to know for sure if they collected all those keys before they left and hand it over to you. By rekey all your locks you and only you will have the key that opens your home!

Use Only One Key

Simplify your life by using one key to unlock all the doors. Having just one key for your house not only reduces the risk of misplacing it but also very easy to carry!

If Your Key Got Lost

It’s quite surprising that there are not many but still quite few homeowners who don’t bother to change their locks even after their keys have been stolen. The quickest and best situation is to immediately rekey your locks.

Key Duplicates

Over time it’s quite common to create copies of keys for guests or having a spare key just in case the original will get lost, however these duplicates can easily get forgotten which means that you not really know where they are and who can get in your house.

Secure Your Home After Renovation

When your renovate your home there might be a possibility that the project manager passes your keys to his workers and also there is a possibility that copies of your keys were made and shared without your knowledge.

Maintain Your Privacy

If there are changes in your relationship you may consider setting boundaries for when and how your ex- partner / roommate can enter the house particularly if you’re not present.

Updating Your Old Locks

Over time aging locks may develop issues like jamming or difficulties in opening and closing. When a locksmith rekey your locks he can address any kind of internal problems within the locks and fix them. Not only it will eliminate the risk of getting locked out but also extend the lifespan of your locks.

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